With Sonica you develop complete Web3 projects, blockchain integration for generation and distribution of tokens and NFTs in a single digital journey.

Easy to use

Build Web3 projects in a total no-code platform with UX Web2 integrated at blockchain of your choice.

NFTs and Tokens

Develop, launch and manage your NFTs and Tokens seamlessly through pre-configured smart contracts, without any technical knowledge needs.

Custody and Security

Own your already audited smart contracts, tokens and NFTs through easy integration with your digital wallet.

Build Projects

Develop Web3 projects through the platform, quickly and with high security, integrated with Ethereum, Polygon, Phantom and Avalanche networks, adding your advantage to the end customer.

Sell, Auction, Whitelist, or Airdrop!

Conduct every type of NFT drop with ease, even if it's your first time. Use auctions, decide a sale price, let people make private offers for your NFT, and a lot more.

Generate, list and create in an instant.

Always have all the features for launching and managing tokens and NFTs at hand, Use our NFT Generator, list NFTs in thousands and mention NFTs with zero gas fees!

Your success

Count on our helpful team for any need, supported by material and content that guarantee your understanding and promote the performance of your Web3 project.


Sonica empowers you with free Web3 academy, expert webinars, newsletters, blogs and Twitter Spaces. Increase your project conversion through business partners.

Integrate seamlessly with your favorite tools

Choose from a ton of native integrations including Shopify, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Mailchimp, Zapier, etc

Security platform in global projects

All transactions at Sonica are carried out via audited smart contracts, directly in the customer's digital wallet and not held in custody by the platform. You can verify transactions directly in the tracking mechanisms.

Practicality and security through integrated features.

• 10 pre-configured smart contracts
• NFT Drop, Collection, Edition.
• Token Drop, Vote and Split
• Marketplace